About Susan

I’m a born and raised NJ girl, but have lived most of my life in Northern California (except for that one year in Paris). I was a hairdresser before college, and pretended at a career in banking regulation, before becoming a stay-at-home mom.  This is my second blog – the first one was about the year my family spent abroad –  if you’re curious (or bored), check it out here  Paris For One Year .

I’ve always written (mainly in my head), but never had the gumption to actually put it out there.   The Paris thing gave me something to actually write about, and sort of jump started me.  My regular life isn’t nearly as exciting as a travel blog.  However, I’m going to do it anyway because life is short, I love to write, so why not?  Also, it’s cheaper then therapy.  And, if I’m really lucky, someone will be entertained by it.

My posts will be a cornucopia of topics:  current events, politics, family stuff, teenage angst, mid-life crises, friendship, wine, things that piss me off or make me really happy.   Sometimes I’ll rant and occasionally I’ll curse.   Nothing is off limits.

And, by the way,  the title is a metaphor (in case you haven’t figured that out already).  I don’t actually run nude.


Happy Reading (or not).